Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Omnimental

Art by Thomas M. Baxa
I have dozen of pages of monsters that I have created over the years but Elementals have always been one of my favorites. They are a primordial expression of nature, yet it's so raw it often feels unnatural as well. In a DnD style setting Elementals are not even native to the material plane, the plane where most adventures begin and where they also take place. The Omnimental is not one of those. They are unnatural beings to both elementals and most adventurers. Omnimentals do not hail from the elemental planes but are from the void, the far reaches, gray reaches or where ever the chaotic wastes lie in a setting.

 Bound Omnimental

These guys are what most people see when they encounter an Omnimental, they manifest themselves as spheres of fire, ice, rock and crackling lightning all bound by jet black chains. They have two forms an Inactive form where they look like a floating rock, surrounded by fire, ice and lightning chained to the ground by the jet black chains. This is a spell by some master (or cocky) elementalist that is similar to Magic's Pentagram. The active form is the one previously described, It can use the chains as flail like natural weapons and bind themselves around the target once a hit connects. As an alternative it can shoot beams of pure elemental fury, or two or even three but it will seldom do that as the beams lose power if they are not focused. It's preferred tactic is to shoot high powered beams to force a dive into the ground to dodge and then close chain the grounded person dragging them into the body or vortex where the elemental energies tear the victim apart. The stat block below is that of a "Small" one

ST: 15 DX: 12 IQ: 7
HT: 12 Will: 14 Per: 14
BS: 6 Move: 12 (Fly) FP: -
DR: 6 (Chains)
10(Fire, Lightning, Cold)
Dodge: 9 HP: 20
Parry: 10 SM: -1




360 Vision; Acute Detect 4; Damage Resistance  6; Damage Resistance 10 (Limited; Fire, Lightning, Cold); Detect (Elemental Magic; Reflexive; Vague); Doesn't Breathe; Doesn't Eat or Drink; Hyperspectral Vision; Indomitable; Injury Tolerance (Homogeneous); Magic Resistance 10; Unfazable; High Pain Threshold; Unnatural; Extra Attack 1.
Bound Omnimentals for most intents and purposes are not the Sphere of elemental fury inside but the jet black chains.



Innate Attack (Gaze) -15; Kusari -14;
Pretty simple it just knows how to attack



Jet Black Chain (14): 2d6+3 Crushing. Reach 1-4. Parried at  -4. Blocked at -2, if a hit connects or is parried or blocked it wraps around the victim and grapples him or her. While someone is grappled the elemental cannot use more chains or fire blasts.

Focused Elemental Beam (16): 3d6 Burning. Ranged attack. Treats metal armor as DR 1, deals knockback. (Acc 3, Range 200/500)

Elemental Beams (16): 2d6 Burning. Ranged Attacks. This is two different attacks at two different targets. Treats metal armor as DR 1, deals knockback. (Acc 3, Range 100/200)

Dispersed Elemental Beams (16): 1d6 Burning. Ranged Attacks. This is three different attacks at three different targets. Treats metal armor as DR 1, deals knockback. (Acc 3, Range 10/100)

Elemental Maelstorm Aura: 5d6 Burning. This harms anyone who touches or is touched by the Bound Omnimental in close combat. This doesn't not spread to the chains themselves only the sphere in the middle. 

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