Monday, February 19, 2018

Goblins and Goblin-Kin I

Goblin Chaff

The rank and file of the goblins, the cannon fodder, the monster you send out when you want to make your players feel like a badass. It doesn't work too well since nobody feels that good after turning a goblin into a red paste. Goblin chaff are only a problem in the most dire of situations or when ambushed by them. When ambushed they should flee immediately or surrender in case they can't scram in 50 different directions. They should often be armed with spears, clubs and simple bows. If nobody is there to command the goblin archers they should not be aiming at all and shoot as soon as they are ready.

ST: 7 DX: 11 IQ: 8
HT: 9 Will: 8 Per: 10
BS: 4.5 Move: 4 FP: 9
DR: 1(torso armor) Dodge: 7 HP: 7
Parry: 9 SM: -1



Stealth DX+1 (12)
Brawling DX (11)
Goblins are not very skilled so they will have either Broadsword DX+1 (12), Bows DX+1 (12), Spear DX+1 (12). Depending on which weapon they have at hand. Here are the typical weapons and attacks one could expect a goblin to have.

Punch (11): 1d-4 cr. Reach C.
Kick (9): 1d-3 cr. Reach C. Light Club (12): 1d-1 cr. Reach C.
Spear (12): 1d imp (two hands). Reach 1,2*.
Regular Bow (12): 1d-2 imp. Range: 105/140.

Here it is pretty obvious that the biggest "threat" is a spear wielder, specially if they start throwing out strong attacks. If using spear goblins against players that are on the lower end of points consider making the spears stone which grants them a (0.5) armor divisor, however that still leaves those that are unarmored in a dangerous spot. If there was no threat at all to the goblins why use them at all then? 



There are many ways to build a goblin's night vision, there is Infravision [10], Night Vision of varying degrees, and Dark Vision [25]. Personally I prefer Night Vision 10, but Infravision [10] is a close second. If you're using Infravision remember that unless they are patrolling or actively looking out they will most likely be using their normal vision.
Silent 1 [5] is another advantage that one should consider adding to most goblins, specially these ones as they would otherwise be way too bad at stealth. Alternatively just give them even more stealth, but that would go against the "untrained" aspect of these goblin chaff. 

Other than that it is what you'd expect of a goblin. Adding Bully or Cowardly and other similar disadvantage should be great. Bully would manifest in the goblins picking on the least armored weak back lines and being brash and evil when they have the advantage. Cowardly would mean they route at the first sign of loss.


Goblin Fightingman

In case you want to usurp your player's expectations and leave them in shock and awe when a goblin blocks or parries a hit instead of being splatted into a mist. These serve as good "leaders" to your goblin chaff and keep them in line. These will keep fighting for a while... as long as their fellow goblins are besides them. They have a shody metal breast plate and have a cheap cutting weapon of your choice, most often a cheap broadsword. They carry a DB+2 Shield and know how to use it. 

ST: 9 DX: 12 IQ: 9
HT: 10 Will: 9 Per: 11
BS: 5 Move: 5 FP: 10
DR: 3(torso armor) Dodge: 9+2 HP: 10
Parry: 10+2 SM: -1 Block: 10+2



Brawling DX (12)
Broadsword DX+2 (14)
Shield DX+2 (14)
Stealth DX+2 (14)
Escape DX (12)
Leadership IQ-1 (8)

Broadsword (14): 1d sw cut, 1d thr cr. Reach 1
Shield Bash (14): 1d-2 thr cr. Reach 1
Kick (10): 1d-2 thr cr. Reach C,1.

At first glance, the fighting goblins don't really seem much worse than a spear wielding grunt, maybe even worse. But with a shield block of 12 and a equally good parry they won't just be falling dead left and right. They can also dodge rather nicely for 11 and with a skill of 14 they can afford to throw out fancy techniques like targeted attacks at the hand, legs, feet, etc. Hitting at the legs would be easier for a goblin that is SM-1 so that would be their most common target. In this case cutting damage is a great perk. Make sure these fighting goblins are not wasted just throwing out normal attacks at the torso and rolling defend when attacked. Throw out deceptive attacks at the legs, flank around while the chaff swarms etc.



Goblin fightingmen are the same as the previous goblins except for one big exception. They have Combat Reflexes[15]. Don't give them Cowardly, and maybe add a Bloodlust or Sadism instead.


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