Thursday, February 22, 2018

Goblin and Goblin-Kin: Traps

Goblin Trapper

This little guy is more of an excuse than a real monster. Usually he will be in the back and retreat first once fights south. The most common trap will be a pit fall which is easy to construct and not that deadly. On forested trails they might employ spring snares. Those two are the bread and butter for a Trapper. They are relatively easy to set up but for calculations sake we will say that a goblin trapper will have a band of at least 9 total goblin with 7 average ST and all have wooden tools. Using the Basic Set digging times our team of Goblins can dig 2 Cubic Yards per hour, meaning in 2 hours they could have turned an ordinary hex down to a respectable 4 yard drop. Snare spring traps are an easy 30 minute set up but cover less of an area, and since the party will be traveling together it won't be much of a setback unless it's followed with an immediate ambush.

ST: 7 DX: 11 IQ: 10
HT: 10 Will: 8 Per: 11
BS: 4.75 Move: 5 FP: 10
DR: 0 Dodge: 7 HP: 7
Parry: 8(unarmed) SM: -1



These are pretty important, Traps is used to hide the traps. Explosives/TL3 may not fit your game so that can be omitted. Tactics? on a Goblin? Well that is just to give them a bit of an extra push. They are goblins not wild animals, they can plan ambushes with some semblance of tactics. Engineer serves mostly no in combat purpose but would help them build more grandiose traps with some prep time.

Stealth DX+1 (12)
Traps/TL3 IQ+2 (12)
Camouflage IQ (10)
Tactics IQ-2 (8)
Survival Per+1 (12)
Brawling DX (11)
Engineer(Combat) IQ-2 (8)



Typical goblin traits, except Cowardice is pretty much mandatory.  They can be found here


The Traps

To finish off I will be going over some traps I have created for goblins. Only two of these are proper traps that can be set up in front of the party while they rest. That is one way to use the easy to build pit traps and snares, Goblins are nocturnal and will be active during the night, they also will not be as stupid as to try to attack. A band with a trapper will be looking for a dumb party to rest up for the night and they will set up a pitfall and some snares along the way. 



This one is pretty easy to detect as it is just a quick contest of vision vs the trapper's Traps skill. Damage depends on the fall but we will use 4 yards for this. In order to speed up play it is best that the pit's damage is written down before hand. Watch out for anybody with an unusual amount of hit points, a small halfling should be taking less damage than a massive ogre. 
Detect: Vision-based Quick Contest vs. Traps
Disarm: No. Filling the hole is possible but would take hours
Circumvent: Walk around
Evade: None.
Effects: Falling injury, Being stuck down there.
Shots: Constant
Rearm: Automatic
Steal: No



A spring snare actually requires a Per-based Traps roll to detect. It is unmodified, unless it is a heavily forested area in which case a -2 penalty works. 
Detect: Per-based Traps roll, -2 if heavily forested
Disarm: No, could be triggered safely with a stick.
Circumvent: Walk around. Cut the rope or get someone to pull down the branch if stuck.
Evade: None. 
Effects: Leg is grappled and victim is upside down. Those without combat reflexes are stunned until they succeed an HT roll and drop everything they are holding. The victim is held up at a height of 3-6 yards. If they cut themselves out of the rope they may roll Acrobatics-6 to land on their feet otherwise they fall down and treat all feet and leg hits as hand and arm hits respectively. 
Shots: 1
Rearm: Manual, Requires ST-Based Traps roll.
Steal: Yes. Rope is not worth much though.


Spiked Log

This one takes days and even weeks to build and set up and should be reserved for proper goblin "strongholds" and bases. It is a massive log that once released by either tripwire or manual trigger slams down on it's victims. The log usually hidden in the trees so its not that easy to spot.
Detect: Vision-5 or Per-Based Traps roll. A Vision roll spots the logs on the trees, a traps roll spots the mechanisms and pulleys.
Disarm: DX-Based Traps or Engineer-2 roll.
Circumvent: Automatic (Don't touch the tripwire, although it can usually be triggered by someone malicious)
Evade: Hearing roll allows for Dodge and Drop.
Effects: 8d impaling across a huge sweeping area. 3 hexes wide at least 6 hexes tall.
Shots: 1
Rearm: Manual, Requires 20 minutes of pulleys and hard work.
Steal: No.

Consider changing the spiked log into a normal log if impaling damage is too insane as impaling has a very high probability of killing players outright.


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