Thursday, March 1, 2018

New Damage Type: Aging

I have always been looking for a non-janky for aging attacks. Leech with steal youth seems prohibitively expensive in most cases and doesn't make the years disappear into the void. The main purpose of this was to make the point costs more grounded and in line with the actual effects. 10 or so years is what I think is the safe "area" for most PCs. In Ultra Tech settings aging damage is pretty much the same as real damage, that is temporary unless instantly fatal.

Innate Attack: Aging (age)

Your attack does not inflict damage but rather ages the target directly. This could be through magical ageing, a disease or nanobots. Each point of damage ages the victim 1 year. 25 points/level

Enhancements and Limitations

Aging has an "innate" unhealing enhancement going on, but in case its not permanent: Temporary -50%: Your attack is temporary aging rather than permanent, every time the victim would heal 1 HP but is at full HP he can instead roll against his or her "Original HT" meaning that if the victim had 13 HT originally, but lost a couple to aging rolls he would still roll against 13 not his "new" HT. Success returns 1 year, Failure and Critical Failure do nothing.

Good enhancements would be Malediction to make it works like a spell. Aura to make it, well an aura of aging. Cyclic with varying durations work fantastic as well. For Limitations Resistible is basically a staple unless using Malediction. Other great limitations would be Blood and Contact Agent as well as Sense based.

Cost Calculations

I initially  was costing this to be like a fatigue with a Weird +50% enhancement but the lack of instantaneous feedback stopped me from continuing on. A single fatigue attack (or any attack really) for 2d that hits an unarmored target has a decent chance of at least making them stop spending FP on extra effort if not forcing them to change tactics. An Aging attack that does 2d will age someone... 7 years on average, which on hindsight is not that much... for instant feedback. In the end the cost is as Fatigue attacks with a Weird +50% enhancment and a +100% Cosmic Unhealing modifier. Aging damage can even be scaled back from years to months, although I suggest lowering the cost to 10/level


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